Welcome to Meer dan IQ

Meer dan IQ, for counseling and coaching gifted children, their parents and their schools.

Self Regulated Learning (Ziegler A. and Stoeger H.) by using also a portfolio (Fisher C.) is the heart of my strategy for these children
in order to help them to explore, try out and learn to know their world and how to progress. Solution focused approximation
(Jong, P. de, Berg, I.K) will support the pupil to work to strengthen weaknesses.

Meer dan IQ is allowed to use the WISC V in order to get good diagnosis next to an examination, school results and reports from school
parents and of course the child itself. This all in order to compose the right program which pupil, school and parents will embrace.
Meer dan IQ recommends school teams about giftedness, how to recognize them and how to meet their needs in attitude,
by weekly tuned programs. Meer dan IQ also recommends schools to start peer groups in little classes with special programs for
gifted children.

Master SEN Gedrag (Behavior) and Master SEN Psychodiagnostic specialist next to ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education
enables me to have a theoretical background at my work.
I coach high gifted pupils children in a peergroup one day a week in Meppel.
It makes me happy to support children and with their parents we enjoy their successes.

The motto of Meer dan IQ is related to Golda Meïr:

“It isn't important what you want to be.

the road you will travel is what it 's all about. “

(Golda Meïr)